David Heavener

David Heavener, an award-winning filmmaker and actor, is producing Last Evangelist, CSI in the book of Revelation, a TV series about prophecies already being fulfilled today.

David Heavener TV, the truth-telling alternative to Netflix, raises topics the church is reluctant to discuss, and is available on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV, reaching thousands who may never enter a church building. His social media channels have millions of views, delving into current events with his unique blend of skepticism with a Biblical perspective.

David Heavener Live has become an online church for worldwide viewers, uniting believers from Australia & South Africa to Sweden.

David’s forthcoming book End Times Investigations discloses truth from behind enemy lines.

David Heavener Investigates is a TV series examining modern miracles – are they from God, or are they lying signs and wonders?

David’s upcoming book True Power pulls truths from Scripture that encourage and us to live with power on purpose.

Father of six and happily married, David’s favorite past time is watching Little House on the Prairie re-runs with his family.