Nita Horn

Presentation: Whispering Ponies Ranch

Nita Horn is CEO of Whispering Ponies Ranch, a non-profit organization that employs mobile services, on-site specialized youth camps for sex-trafficked and foster children, and where adult individuals with developmental disabilities experience positive mental, physical, and emotional benefits through the use of miniature equine assisted activities.

Handlers use onsite therapy animal activities as well as camping elements such as; climbing walls, fishing, bicycling, prayer trails and more, to connect with children and adults as part of a healing process that horses have shown to bring. Nita is the author of No Fences: It Started With a Plastic Pony and co-author with her husband Tom of such books as The Milieu, Forbidden Gates, The Ahriman Gate, How To Overcome The Most Frightening Issues You Will Face This Century, God’s Ghostbusters and more.