Jim Barfield

Presentation: Q & A on the Copper Scroll Project

Born to a construction worker and housewife from Lawton, Oklahoma’s south side; Jim flourished in a predominantly black neighborhood. As a dishwasher, bus boy and assistant chef in his mid-teens, Jim’s financial situation made him realize that college was far beyond his family’s means. The military was his only hope for a future. 

July the 19th, 1973 Jim left his home in Lawton to join the Army. After ten and a half years and learning how to be an infantryman, a dental assistant, an artillery cannoneer, a helicopter crew chief and a test pilot he traded in his Army career for a new one with the Lawton Fire Department.

Retirement was fantastic and more time was available to pursue other interests. One chance meeting was with a maverick self-taught and self-proclaimed archeologist — Vendyl Jones.  That gentleman would completely change Jim’s view of the Copper Scroll.

Six months after that meeting, Jim sat at his computer early one icy cold December morning and began analyzing an English translation of the Copper Scroll. Within a few minutes Jim knew how to understand the scroll, and after twenty minutes he had figured out the first five locations, completely different from Vendyl’s research. 

Knowing he had no credentials, no real education and no contacts in Israel, how would he ever get anyone to listen to him? Proving his work through a complete investigative report of the entire scroll would be his only hope.

Jim had earned the tile of Investigator of the Year for Oklahoma, and eventually the International title, but would those skills work in this far-reaching task centered in the most tumultuous region of the world? In that hour, Jim knew that he would be heading for Israel and… for a task that would change his life forever.

Follow Jim Barfield’s research online at The Copper Scroll Project.