Guy Malone

Guy Malone, CBP, is perhaps best known for his years of work in Roswell, New Mexico as co-founder of a counter-cult equipping network formerly known as “Alien Resistance” and for organizing many years the biblically-based Ancient of Days UFO conferences.

Guy first moved to Roswell to offer Christ and orthodox outreach material to those looking to so-called “aliens” and to the new age for spiritual truth, after publishing the book Come Sail Away : UFO Phenomenon and the Bible which was his response to the Heaven’s Gate cult-suicide tragedy of 1997.

Professionally, Malone holds three certifications in Bitcoin and digital currencies, and works as a Copy Editor for Bitcoin Magazine. He will be combining his current professional and technical expertise with his years of theological, eschatological, and conspiratorial research to present “Is Bitcoin The Mark of The Beast?”

The presentation will serve as a warning of the dangers to personal privacy and human freedoms which are inherent in the encroaching digital “cashless society” seemingly being pushed upon all the world by the powers that be, as well as answer how bitcoin specifically may or may not fit into this apparent planed agenda, now known popularly worldwide as “The Great Reset.”