Drew Graffia

Drew Graffia is a former actor and stuntman at Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament. Knight, current SkyWatchTV Studio Director, avid researcher, host of “The Radical Christian” YouTube channel, and author of The Warrior-Priest Mindset. Drew is married to Bri Graffia, who is also a SkyWatchTV team member for the Edens Essentials health department.

Drew wrote The Warrior-Priest Mindset as a practical approach to living as a Knight of Yahweh in these last days through the lens of a archetypal knight. It talks about having a balance in our lives between the lion side and the lamb side, and also the warrior side and the priest side. The book also addresses what happens when we go too deep into one of these sides and what counterfeits versions of these we need to lookout for.

The whole book has a medieval feel to it with medieval tales and poems that intro every chapter.

It covers aspects of spiritual warfare, Knightly Christian living, and the fundamentals for new believers, men, women, children, and those who have walked with the Lord for many years.

The goal of this book and of Drew’s work in general is to inspire, motivate, fire up, and renew the reader’s passion for the Word of God and the honor of being called a Christian!