Dr. Larry Spargimino

Pastor Larry Spargimino is a graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (M.Div and Ph.D) and has been a pastor, worked overseas in several settings, has had the privilege of starting and working with a church and Christian school in Pakistan, and is currently pastor and co-host at Southwest Radio Church (radio and TV) in Oklahoma City.

He has authored several books: The Anti-Prophets (a challenge to preterism), Yesterday, Today And For Ever (a prophecy primer for teens and young adults), Religion of Peace or Refuge For Terror (written right after 9/11 and seeks to answer this question with regard to Islam), Living In Sodom (an examination of gay activism). He has also co-authored Final Fire: Is The Next Great Awakening Right Around The Corner? (with Dr. Thomas Horn and Donna Howell), and has contributed to I Predict: What 12 Global Experts Believe You Will See Before 2025! (Defender) andBlood On The Altar: The Coming War Between Christian vs. Christian. Larry currently has a ministry among Chinese students in the Oklahoma City area.