Dr. Aaron Judkins

Dr. Aaron Judkins is a self-described “maverick archaeologist” who was part of the team that discovered the twelfth Dead Sea scroll cave at Qumran in 2017.

Dr. Judkins was also an associate producer of the documentary film Finding Noah, about an expedition to find the famous ark on 17,000-foot Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey. But he didn’t stay behind the scenes–he was a member of the archaeological team that climbed the mountain.

Aaron has also been featured in the documentaries Qumran 2 Petra, L. A. Marzulli’s Watchers 8 and Watchers 10, and he’s the author of the books In Search of Dead Sea Scrolls: Cave 12 Expedition Journal, The Quest for Noah’s Ark: Expedition Journal, Alien Agenda, and Academic Freedom: Exposing Evolution.