Bishop Ron Webb

Bishop Ron Webb is considered by many to be “A Pastor to Pastors.” His ministry is centered around restoration and a sincere belief that we must reach the lost at any cost. He preaches empowerment and hope and believes that with God, all things are possible! Experienced in ministry for over thirty years, Bishop Ron Webb is the pastor of the Mt. Calvary Powerhouse Church in Poplar Bluff, Missouri.

Bishop Webb is the author of Destroying the Root of Racism, inviting us to be part of the solution, and urges those hurt by racism not to let the adversity destroy their character. He is also the author of Leadership From Behind The Scenes. This insightful book and workbook provides Biblically-based and wise advice to assist ministers and church leaders from all faiths in their role as leaders in God’s kingdom. This God given wisdom has compelled Bishop Webb to host a show by the same name, Leadership from Behind the Scenes, exclusively on the PTL Television Network.