The Big “If”

Google Pat Boone and be warned — more than 1.9 million results show up! And a word picture of an astonishing, long lasting, still thriving career in music and entertainment emerges. (continue reading)

The Harbinger II: The Return

Rabbi Cahn, a Jewish follower of Jesus, is known for bringing out the deep mysteries and rich revelations of the Bible, as well as restoring the original biblical Jewish context to the words of the New Testament. Cahn is the author of the best selling books The Harbinger , The Mysteries of the Shemitah, The Book of Mysteries, and The Paradigm: The Ancient Blueprint that Holds the Mystery of Our Times. (continue reading)

Visions, Chaos, and the Coming of Antichrist

Long time television and radio personality, author of dozens of best-selling books and publisher of many others, Dr. Thomas Horn serves as the Chief Executive Officer of SkyWatchTV and Defender Publishing. (continue reading

The Vatican and Our ‘Alien’ Saviors

Steve is a nationally known radio host (Survive2thrive and Coast to Coast AM), photographer, and author of a number of important books including Breathe No Evil, a primer for understanding bioterrorism, first published in 1996. (continue reading)

The Messiah in the Book of Enoch
Graduating from Strong’s
Spiritual Warfare and the Great Commission
Peeranormal Live

Michael S. Heiser is scholar of the Bible and its ancient context. Mike is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania (M.A., Ancient History) and the University of Wisconsin- Madison (M.A., Ph.D., Hebrew Bible and Semitic Studies). He is the author of such groundbreaking books as The Unseen Realm, Reversing Hermon, and A Companion to the Book of Enoch: A Reader’s Commentary Vol. 1. (continue reading)

The Last Trump

Television host, author and pastor, Gary serves as the Chief Executive Officer and host of the Prophecy Watchers. His unique perspective on world events has made him a valuable prophetic resource for friends all across the world. (continue reading)

Return of the Cloud Rider
The Procession of God: The Untold Story of the Triumphant Return of Jesus

Joel is a New York Times bestselling author, film-maker, and teacher. Joel lives in the United States with his wife and five children. With a special love for all the peoples of the Middle East, Joel travels globally, preparing the Church for the great challenges of our time. He is the author, editor, director, or producer of several books and documentaries, and is the host of the popular online Christian program, The Underground. (continue reading)

Whispering Ponies Ranch

Nita is CEO of Whispering Ponies Ranch, a non-profit organization that employs mobile services, on-site specialized youth camps for sex-trafficked and foster children, and where adult individuals with developmental disabilities experience positive mental, physical, and emotional benefits through the use of miniature equine assisted activities. (continue reading)

Giants, Gods, and Dragons: Psalm 68 and the Prophesied Battle of Bashan
Bad Moon Rising: Islam, the Old Gods, and Armageddon

Derek is the host and news anchor/analyst for SkyWatchTV, a Christian media ministry, and co-host of SciFriday and Unraveling Revelation with his wife, author and analyst Sharon K. Gilbert. Both programs recently been added to the PTL Television Network family. (continue reading)

My God and My Fortress: A Study of Psalm 91
Inanna: The Spirit of the Age

Science, writing, opera, and geopolitics are just a few of the many hats worn by Sharon K. Gilbert. Gilbert is the author of the non-fiction work Ebola and the Fourth Horsemen of the Apocalypse; The Laodicea Chronicles, a novelized look at the spiritual battle set in current time; The Armageddon Strain, a biological thriller that blends science and the supernatural. (continue reading)

Silent Cry
Normalization of Pedophilia
The Second Coming of the New Age

Josh is an avid researcher who works in full-time ministry at SkyWatchTV. He hosts Into the Multiverse and is the author of numerous books, including The Second Coming of the New Age (coauthored with Steven Bancarz). He recently began a new career as a filmmaker with the forthcoming release of Silent Cry, a documentary about the horrors of child sex trafficking. (continue reading)

Stand 2020 Conference Welcome and Worship

Joe is a Professional Fitness and Nutrition Specialist and the COO of SkyWatchTV. As the best-selling author of the groundbreaking book Dead Pets Don’t Lie, his incredible personal story—from the gates of death and back again—prompted the special investigation that resulted in the breakthrough book, Time Bomb.

What Level Are You Operating On?
The Truth of Sex Trafficking

Jaco serves in many areas across multiple industries. He is the president and CEO of the film company, After Eden Pictures. He is the founder of SHAREtogether, a non-profit organization fighting against the global crisis of Sex Trafficking. Jaco directed and produced the feature film, 8 Days, written by his wife Philipa A. Booyens to raise awareness about the reality of Sex Trafficking in the United States. (continue reading)

To Stand!
The Amazing Prophetic Nature of Our Day

Carl has been the senior pastor of Hickory Hammock Baptist Church in Milton, Florida, since 1987. Carl is a graduate of the Florida Law Enforcement Academy, Florida State University (B.S. Criminology) and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (M.Div.), and serves on the Board of Regents at the University of Mobile in Mobile, Alabama. (continue reading)

Collision Course
Progressive Evil

LTC Bob Maginnis (US Army, Ret.) is a Washington, DC-based national security and foreign policy analyst. He has more than 25 years of extensive experience speaking on tough issues with most major television and radio outlets, including Fox News and CNN. His books include Collision Course, Alliance of Evil, The Deeper State, Future War, and Never Submit: Will the Extermination of Christians Get Worse Before It Gets Better? (continue reading)

Kingdom Priesthood
Mystery of the Lamb of God and the Scroll of Destiny

Dr. Lake is the Chancellor and Founder of Biblical Life College and Seminary, the host of Biblical Life TV, and the co-hosts the Kingdom Intelligence Briefing with his wife, Mary Lou. He’s the author of the best-selling books The Shinar Directive: Preparing the Way for the Son of Perdition, and The Sheeriyth Imperative: Empowering the Remnant to Overcome the Gates of Hell. (continue reading)

Game of Gods

Carl has been an accredited observer and/or participant in a variety of international events, including the United Nations Millennium Forum, the UN Third World Urban Forum, Global Governance 2002, and other major global conferences. (continue reading)

God’s Master Plan

Messianic Rabbi Zev Porat was born in Israel and raised in the Orthodox Jewish city of Bnei Brak. He was raised an Orthodox Jew in a rabbinic family. Zev is the founder of Messiah of Israel Ministries and the co-author with Pastor Carl Gallups of The Rabbi, the Secret Message, and the Identity of Messiah. (continue reading)

Roots of Your Christian Faith
Biblical Support for Women Preachers and Teachers

Donna is chief editor and production manager of Defender Publishing, as well as Tom Horn’s personal assistant and author of Handmaidens Conspiracy (2018). Other works by Howell include Redeemed Unreedeemable (2014), Dead Pets Don’t Lie (2015), Final Fire (2016), Radicals (2017), Encounters (2019), and Afterlife (2019). (continue reading)

The Fall Feasts, The Rapture, and HOPE Amidst 2020

Allie serves as an administrator over SkyWatch TV, Defender Publishing, and Whispering Ponies Ranch. She’s also co-authored the books Time Bomb (with Joe Horn), Encounters (with Donna Howell), and Afterlife (with Donna Howell and Josh Peck). (continue reading)

Becoming the Warrior Priest

Drew is a former actor and stuntman at Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament. Knight, current SkyWatchTV team member, avid researcher, host of “The Radical Christian” YouTube channel, and author of The Warrior-Priest Mindset. The goal of this book and of Drew’s work in general is to inspire, motivate, fire up, and renew the reader’s passion for the Word of God and the honor of being called a Christian! (continue reading)

Be Ye Transformed

Daniel is a C.H.H.C. (Certified Holistic Health Coach) through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, accredited by New York State University. As product Development Manager for Edens Essentials, he has 20 years of experience in the Health and Supplements industry. (continue reading)

Auschwitz Revisited
The Copper Scroll Project

Shelley is Vice President of The Jerusalem Connection, a Christian Zionist organization in the Washington, D.C. area. Her writing has appeared in The Jerusalem Post, The Jerusalem Post Metro Edition, Arutz Sheva, and FrontPage Magazine. Shelley is the author of the #1 new release The Copper Scroll Project, a nonfiction account that weaves history in with narrative as an arson investigator from Oklahoma sets out to unearth the lost treasures of the Jerusalem Temple. (continue reading)

Q & A on the Copper Scroll Project

A chance meeting with a maverick, self-taught archeologist, Vendyl Jones, changed Jim’s life forever. Six months after that meeting, Jim sat at his computer early one icy cold December morning and began analyzing an English translation of the Copper Scroll.

Within a few minutes Jim knew how to understand the scroll, and after twenty minutes he had figured out the first five locations, completely different from Vendyl’s research. (continue reading)

The Second Coming of the New Age

Steven is a former New Age teacher who used to run one of the largest New Age websites in the world, during which time he was also a guest author on the most-visited New Age site on the internet. He’s been featured on various platforms such as SkyWatchTV, The 700 Club, and 100 Huntley Street, and is the co-author of The Second Coming Of The New Age. (continue reading)

Grace in the Midst of Thorns

Larry is a graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (M.Div and Ph.D) and has been a pastor, worked overseas in several settings, has had the privilege of starting and working with a church and Christian school in Pakistan, and is currently pastor and co-host at Southwest Radio Church (radio and TV) in Oklahoma City. (continue reading)

Stand 2020

Randy is becoming a poetic voice to those who are seeking hope, strength and encouragement in life. The simple power of Conway’s verse is relatable to the masses of people who respect The Creator and who seek a way of expressing their feelings about the world in which we all live. (continue reading)

Your Liver May Be the Culprit
Advice on Better Health

Dr. Sams was born and raised in Chariton, Iowa. He graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1994. Following chiropractic college, he practiced in Ankeny, Iowa, for five years before relocating his life and practice to Branson, Missouri. Dr. Sams has a passion for helping his patients get the best out of life. (continue reading)

Advice on Better Health

Dr. Umbriaco’s passion as a healthcare professional is to empower patients with the knowledge and understanding necessary for them to experience their own healing miracle. Ralph is a state-licensed doctor of chiropractic medicine and holds a private practice in Newport Beach, California. He also holds a master’s of science in traditional oriental medicine (MSTOM) and is a certified natural health professional (CNHP). (continue reading)

Advice on Better Health

Dr. Vance is a chiropractic specialist in Republic, Missouri. He graduated with honors from Cleveland Chiropractic College, Kansas City in 1999. Having more than nineteen years of diverse experiences, especially in chiropractic, Dr. Vance affiliates with no hospital, and cooperates with other doctors and specialists in the medical group, Vance Chiropractic, Inc. (continue reading)

Do You Want to Get Well?

Twenty years ago, Mark was instrumental in negotiating for Dr. Sams to relocate to Branson, Missouri and set up his own practice there, the Healing Arts Center.  A long-time friend of Matthew and Tricia Sams, Mark has become a trusted adviser in the executive and daily operations of the company. (continue reading)