Dr. Thomas R. Horn

Long-time television and radio personality, author of dozens of best-selling books, and publisher of many others, Dr. Thomas Horn serves as the Chief Executive Officer of SkyWatchTV and Defender Publishing.

Joe Ardis Horn

Board certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Fitness & Nutrition Specialist, and the COO of SkyWatchTV. Also the best-selling author of the groundbreaking book Timebomb, his incredible personal story—from the gates of death and back again. Joe has also authored Everyday Champions and co-authored with Daniel Belt Unlocking Eden: Revolutionize Your Health, Maximize Your Immunity, Restore Your Vitality.

Troy Anderson

Pulitzer Prize-nominated investigative journalist, co-author with Paul McGuire of the #1 bestsellers The Babylon Code and Trumpocalypse. His latest book, co-written with U.S. Army Chaplain (Col.) David Giammona IS The Military Guide to Armageddon.

Mondo De La Vega

Executive Vice President of Television Production and Co-Host of The Jim Bakker Show, and host of The Mondo Show, which is available nationwide on the PTL Network.

Carl Gallups

Senior pastor of Hickory Hammock Baptist Church in Milton, Florida, since 1987. Carl is a graduate of the Florida Law Enforcement Academy, Florida State University (B.S. Criminology) and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (M.Div.), and serves on the Board of Regents at the University of Mobile in Mobile, Alabama.

Col. David Giammona

End-times expert, scholar, author, writer, and speaker. He retired from the Army in June 2018 after 32 years of military service. is co-author with Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist Troy Anderson of the new book The Military Guide to Armageddon.

Derek P. Gilbert

Host of Five in Ten for SkyWatchTV, and co-host of SciFriday and Unraveling Revelation with his wife, author and analyst Sharon K. Gilbert. Their recent books Veneration and Giants, Gods & Dragons are paradigm-shifting looks at end-times prophecy and the incredible wealth of information about th supernatural in the Bible. Derek’s latest book is The Second Coming of Saturn.

Zach Drew

Zach resides in Decatur, Illinois where he hosts The Zach Drew Show, the flagship show of IGBY International Ministries. He became a well recognized figure in Christian media while serving as Jim Bakker’s co-host for seven years. He served at TruNews as a technology correspondent for Next Tech News

In 2018, Zach launched his own nationally syndicated program which airs on the PTL Network, World Harvest Television, YouTube, Facebook, AppleTV, and Roku.

Tyler Gilreath

Tyler is an avid Bible researcher, engaging writer, dynamic speaker, and entrepreneur. He’s earned degrees in both biblical studies and business. Tyler has dedicated over a decade of his life to building up the Kingdom of God by preaching and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to thousands of people from all over the world. He is the author of the Amazon best-seller, Gospel Over Gods, which chronologically tracks the Bible’s supernatural struggle from Genesis to Revelation.

Allie Anderson

Allie holds a degree in psychology, she’s the Administrator over SkyWatch TV, Defender Publishing, and Whispering Ponies Ranch. She’s co-authored the books Time Bomb (with Joe Horn), Encounters (with Donna Howell), Afterlife (with Donna Howell and Josh Peck), Misfits, and Dark Covenant. Allie also authored the book Unscrambling the Millennial Paradox.

Kat Anderson

Kat is a Bible Theology Apologetics major who has ministry experience in a variety of athletic avenues. She is a member of Theta Alpha Cappa, theological and biblical honors, she hosts campus apologetics groups, Christian radio, is a distance runner, and loves to make art in a variety of mediums.

Donna Howell

Chief editor and production manager of Defender Publishing, as well as Tom Horn’s personal assistant and author of Handmaidens Conspiracy (2018). Other works by Howell include Redeemed Unreedeemable (2014), Dead Pets Don’t Lie (2015), Final Fire (2016), Radicals (2017), Encounters (2019), and Afterlife (2019).

Dr. Ken Johnson

Author and lecturer who speaks on a variety of issues related to Bible prophecy, ancient history, and the apostasy that will form in the church in the last days.

Dr. Johnson is the CEO and founder of Biblefacts Ministries at www.biblefacts.org, and he’s authored twenty-one books.

Lt. Col. Robert Maginnis

Washington, DC-based national security and foreign policy analyst. He has more than 25 years of extensive experience speaking on tough issues with most major television and radio outlets, including Fox News and CNN. His books include Collision CourseAlliance of EvilThe Deeper State, Future War, and Never Submit: Will the Extermination of Christians Get Worse Before It Gets Better?

Rabbi Zev Porat

Born in Israel and raised in the Orthodox Jewish city of Bnei Brak. He was raised an Orthodox Jew in a rabbinic family, but after rejecting God altogether, Zev was led to Yeshua HaMashiach by a persistent Christian who witnessed through the Internet from the US.

Zev is the founder of Messiah of Israel Ministries and the co-author with Pastor Carl Gallups of The Rabbi, the Secret Message, and the Identity of Messiah.

Joel Richardson

New York Times bestselling author, film-maker, and teacher. Joel is the author, editor, director, or producer of several books and documentaries, and is the host of the popular online Christian program, the Underground.

Caspar McCloud

Caspar is both a portrait artist and recording artist, composer, author, equestrian, and an ordained minister leading The Upper Room in Roswell, Georgia. He is also an accomplished musician and has recorded and performed with friends including Phil Keaggy and Peter Furler and the Newsboys. He and his wife, Joan, have two children.

S. Douglas Woodward

Author, speaker, and researcher on the topics of biblical inspiration and textual transmission, alternate history, the apocalypse and biblical eschatology with an emphasis on America’s place in Bible prophecy.

Doug’s most recent books are Rebooting the Bible, Parts 1 (2018) and 2 (2020), as well as A Biography of the Christian Bible (2019).

Douglas Van Dorn

Douglas Van Dorn (M.Div. Denver Seminary) is the author or editor of over a dozen books including Giants: Sons of the Gods; The Unseen Realm Q & A Companion; The Angel of the LORD: A Biblical, and more. Doug has pastored the Reformed Baptist Church of Northern Colorado since 2002. He helped start the Reformed Baptist Network and has served on boards of two associations of churches. He has co-hosted the radio show Journey’s End in 2011-12; the Peeranormal Podcast 2016-2021, and the Iron and Myth Podcast.

Dr. Igal German

Dr. Igal German holds a Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible from the University of St. Michael’s College, Toronto, Canada. He received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in biblical studies from the University of Haifa, Israel. His monograph has been published under the title The Fall Reconsidered: A Literary Synthesis of the Primeval Sin Narratives against the Backdrop of the History of Exegesis. Igal is the founding director of the International Biblical Apologetics Association (Bibleapologist.org).

Dr. Mike Spaulding

Mike Spaulding was ordained to the ministry in 1998. Since then he has planted two Calvary Chapel churches – Calvary Christian Fellowship, St. Marys, Ohio, in 1998, and Calvary Chapel of Lima, Ohio, in 2005, where he currently serves as pastor.

Mike holds a B.A. in Organizational Management, a M.T.S., and a Ph.D. in apologetics. He is the author of 18 books and is a contributing author to 4 others. 

Aaron Lipkin

Aaron is an Israeli Bible scholar who specializes in the Biblical archaeology of Israel and lectures in many churches, synagogues, TV and Radio stations. He is a “Joshua’s Altar” activist and was involved in the finding of the Mt. Ebal Inscription – The oldest Hebrew text dating to the year 3300 BCE.

Dr. Michael K. Lake

Michael holds doctorates in theology and religious education, and he is the chancellor and founder of Biblical Life College and Seminary. In 1995, Dr. Lake and his family found themselves in the crosshairs of an all-out attack from the occult community. During the spiritual conflict that lasted for over a decade, he turned his research skills toward understanding the occult, their hidden governance of the nations, their tactics for manipulating and controlling the Church, the reality of mind control, and The Shinar Directive. 

Mondo Gonzales

Mondo has pastored for over 15 years at churches in Illinois, Washington State, and Nevada. He currently is a Bible teacher, writer and television co-host at Prophecy Watchers ministry in Oklahoma City. Mondo received his Bachelor’s degree from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, IL, his Master’s degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, IL, and is in the process of obtaining his PhD from Liberty University.

Avi Lipkin

Author, lecturer, and Middle East expert, Dennis Avi Lipkin, alias Victor Mordecai was born in Flushing, New York, grew up in the greater New York City area and moved to Israel at age 19 in 1968. In 1991, Avi went to study three years at the Jewish Theological Seminary as part of the MA program. Avi has appeared in over 1,000 churches and synagogues in the US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Norway, Finland, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Greece, Russia, Austria, Poland, and Faroe Islands as well as in Israel.

Kenny Seay

Kenny is a life long musician and music teacher, he established his podcast The Rock with Kenny Seay in 2021. His podcast is now available on Anchor, Spotify, and YouTube. He uses his love of music to witness to others through the gift Christ has given him. His mission is to win souls for Christ by explaining the unexplained and supernatural through a biblical reality and worldview.

More speakers to come!