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Pre-ordering Streaming at Vimeo:

When you pre-order a Vimeo On Demand title (in this case Defender Conference Streaming), you’re purchasing it before it’s been released. You’ll know that you are pre-ordering because the VOD page will display a banner that says “Pre-order now.”

When the title is released, your card will be charged and you’ll be notified via email that the title is ready to view (you will also be notified if the release date changes or if the pre-order is canceled). If the price at the time of release is lower than the price at which you originally pre-ordered the title, you’ll be charged the lower price. Please note that if you pre-ordered a rental purchase, your rental period will begin as soon as the title is made available by its creator.

Payment restrictions

You must enter a valid credit card to pre-order Vimeo On Demand videos. You cannot pre-order with PayPal. If we’re unable to process your payment at the time of the title’s release, we’ll send you an email prompting you to try purchasing the title again. If you’re uncertain about the status of your pre-order purchase, contact us so we can take a look on our end.

Release date timing

The creator is responsible for releasing a title on its release date, and the exact timing of the release is up to them. As soon as a title has been made available for viewing on that date, your card will be charged for your pre-order, and you’ll then have access to your purchase. We’ll also email you as soon as the title is available for viewing.


You can cancel a Vimeo On Demand pre-order at any time by visiting your Purchases page, scrolling down to the Pre-orders section, and clicking the “Cancel” button.

Purchasing On Demand videos with promo codes

If you’ve received a promo code, you can redeem it directly on a title’s Vimeo On Demand page. On the title’s page, click the button for the type of purchase your code is good for (“Buy,” “Rent,” or “Subscribe”). Then, in the purchase window that appears, click “Apply promo code,” enter the code, and click the “Apply” button. The purchase window will then update to reflect the discounted price before you finalize the purchase.

A few notes about promo codes:

  • If your code is for 100% off, you’ll need to click “Continue” to complete the transaction.
  • If your code is for a partial discount, then you’ll need to enter valid payment information along with the code in order to complete the purchase.
  • Please note that currently, dollar-off promo codes can only be applied to purchases made in USD.
  • Additionally, only VIP promo codes are applicable for more than one month of free/discounted viewing for Subscription-VODs. Any other promo code will apply towards the first month of purchase, after which you will be charged the listed price.

Troubleshooting promo codes

If you’re seeing an error message that says “Oops. Something is not right here” when trying to make a Vimeo On Demand purchase, it usually means there’s an issue with your payment method. If you’re still seeing the message after making sure all the information you entered is correct (or if you’re seeing the message with multiple payment methods), please contact us so we can take a look on our end and help you complete the purchase.

If you’re certain that you’re entering the promo code correctly and you’re seeing a message that says “Sorry, that discount code appears to be invalid,” please contact us so we can investigate further (please include the code you’re trying to use in your email).

Rent, buy, subscribe

Once you’ve picked your Vimeo On Demand video, you can make three kinds of purchases:

  • Rent: When you rent a VOD, you will be able to stream all the videos attached or added to it anytime during the specified rental period, including bonus content. If you select the option “Rent All,” you get access to all of the current videos as well as any that are added to the Vimeo on Demand page during the specified rental period.
  • Buy: When you buy a VOD, you will be able to stream its videos for as long as they remain on Vimeo. If the seller allows, you will also be able to download the videos to your computer and devices, DRM-free. If you select the option “Buy All,” you get access to any videos added to the VOD page for as long as it remains online, including bonus features.
  • Subscribe: When you subscribe to a series, you have unlimited streaming access to all current videos on that series page, as well as any future videos that get added (including bonus content), as long as you maintain an active subscription for a recurring monthly fee.

If you rent a title and like it so much that you want to buy it, that’s great! Just contact us and we’ll be happy to help you get that taken care of.

If you need to cancel a recurring VOD subscription, log in to your Vimeo account, then go to your Billing Settings and choose the Purchases tab.

Purchasing through other devices

Currently, you can purchase Vimeo On Demand titles directly on all Roku devices. You can find instructions right here. We’re continually working to support purchases of Vimeo On Demand titles across as many devices as possible, so stay tuned for updates.

Purchasing outside of the U.S.

You can pay in another currency if the Seller has chosen to accept it.

Vimeo currently supports the following currencies:

  • U.S. Dollar (USD)
  • Euro (EUR)
  • Australian Dollar (AUD)
  • Canadian Dollar (CAD)
  • British Pounds Sterling (GBP)
  • Danish Krone (DKK)
  • Japanese Yen (JPY)
  • Norwegian Krone (NOK)
  • Polish Zloty (PLN)
  • South Korean Won (KRW)
  • Swedish Krona (SEK)
  • Swiss Franc (CHF)

We’ll continue to add more options in the future.

Troubleshooting purchases

If you aren’t able to access a title you bought, a few things may have happened with your purchase:

  • Did you choose to “Rent” the title? If so, please check the title’s rental period on its Vimeo On Demand page in case your rental period ended.
  • Is it possible that you purchased the film under a different Vimeo account? In order to access your purchase, you must be logged in to the same Vimeo account you used to purchase the title originally. If you think you need help accessing the account you used to make your purchase, let us know and we can help out.
  • The charge may be pending. If your billing statement doesn’t indicate that the charge went through successfully yet, it’s possible that the charge is still awaiting authorization. In this case, if the charge doesn’t go through successfully, it will eventually clear from your billing statement.
  • Your payment method may have failed. If we aren’t able to charge your payment method successfully, then your purchase won’t go through, and you’ll need to try making the purchase again.

If you have questions about the status of your purchase, contact us so we can take a look on our end.

TV apps

TV apps make it easy to watch, share, and participate in Vimeo from the comfort of your couch. (Plus, the apps listed on this page are in special partnership with Vimeo, so you know they’re good!) On the off chance you find a bug in one of our apps or you’re having trouble using Vimeo on your Apple TV, send us a note with a detailed summary of the issue. We’ll get back to you ASAP.

FYI, on all of Vimeo’s connected device apps, you can view your own private videos under My Videos after you log in to your account.

Apple TV 

To access Vimeo through Apple TV, go to the App Store and search for “Vimeo” to download the app onto your Apple TV 4th/5th generation device or newer. Please note: we no longer support Apple TV 2nd/3rd generation devices.

On Apple TV, you can also watch other private videos that you have access to. Simply add them to your Watch Later queue on your computer, then access Watch Later from the Vimeo app on your Apple TV.

If you’re having trouble finding the video you want to watch, it may be because you’re not logged in. When logged out of your Vimeo account on Apple TV, search results will display only videos that have been rated All Audiences. The search results will hide videos rated Mature or Not Yet Rated.

When logged in to your Vimeo account, you will be able to search for and find all content that you normally would on, in accordance with your Content Filter preferences. Go to to edit your Content Filter preferences.

Continuous play
While viewing a collection (My Videos, Watch Later, a Channel), press the Play button on your remote to enable continuous play. When the selected video finishes, the next video in that feed will begin playing! After the last video in the feed finishes, you’ll return to the feed where you started.

Captions and subtitles
Videos with captions or subtitles will have a (CC) badge on the detailed video view. To turn on captions or subtitles, press-and-hold the center select button on your remote. Then, simply pick the language you want and hit the select button again.

Note: This will only display captions or subtitles for the current video. If you want to view captions whenever they’re available, you’ll need to turn them on globally for all apps on Apple TV:


At the moment, VOD purchases cannot be made within the Vimeo app for Apple TV. However, you can navigate to the “Library” section (found at the top of the screen) and then scroll down to “Purchases” to view any repurchased content.


To download and use the Vimeo app on your Roku, go to the Channel store from your Roku home screen. Vimeo will appear in multiple lists, but navigate to the Photos & Video row to find us for sure. Then, click the Vimeo icon to start downloading our app and follow the instructions on the screen.

If you haven’t connected your Roku device to your Vimeo account before, then you’ll receive an activation code made up of letters and numbers that you can use to connect your Roku to your Vimeo account. You can use the code by visiting on your mobile device or computer. (You only have to do this once!)

Captions and subtitles

Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to view/enable subtitles or captions in the Vimeo app for Roku.


You can easily purchase Vimeo On Demand titles while browsing the On Demand section of the Roku app. When you select a title on your Roku device, you’ll see the purchase options that are available for that title (rent, buy, or both). Once you select the Rent or Buy option, the next screen will provide instructions for completing your purchase. Please note that you must already have a saved payment method on your Vimeo account. Once you’ve submitted your info, you can head back to your TV, where your Roku will ask you to confirm the purchase.

Your purchased titles will appear under My Purchases in the On Demand section on your Roku. You can also access your purchased titles in your Watch Later queue on any device (videos are added there automatically when purchased).